What will happen if I forget to renew the domain name before its expiration?

Maggie Cheung Oct-28th, 2015 17:41 0 0

If a domain is not renewed on or before its expiration date, it will be placed in a status called “redemption period” and the website and email accounts associated with the domain name will instantly become inaccessible. An expired domain name will be in the redemption period for 30 days. During this 30-day period, the original domain registrant may retrieve the domain name from deletion (for an additional restoration fee of US$20-US$250, dependent upon different domain types) by contacting us.

After the 30-day redemption period there is a 5-day pending delete phase. When a domain is in this phase no one can retrieve the domain and it cannot be registered. After the 5-day pending delete phase the Registry will release the domain name back into the public pool of available domain names.


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